Beyond and Back

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Track Listing

1. White Lights (Prelude and Introduction) (2:24)

2. Into the Void (4:26)

3. Astral Projections (4:06)

4. Julia's Journey (4:11)

5. Light Transformations Part 1 (4:47)

6. Flashback/Flashforward (3:11)

7. Only a Brief Instance (3:41)

8. Light Transformations Part 2 (3:05)

9. The Journey of Denny Duquette (from Grey's Anatomy) (3:39)

10. Tunnels (3:21)

11. Astral Projections Part 2 (2:50)

12. Tunnels Part 2 (6:57)

13. Leaving the Hospital (2:26)

14. Bob and the Light People (2:09)

15. Jacob's Ladder (2.36)

16. Julia's Crossover (5:58)

Production Credits

United Media Productions
A White Light NDE Universal Production
Beyond and Back

Music by
Casey Winn

Recorded at U.M.P. Studios, November, 2008, Austin, Texas USA

A Musical Voyage Inspired by Accounts of Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife by
Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, MD and Raymond Moody, MD

Photography by
Karl Dolenc Space Sunrise (Europe) XXL Courtesy of iStockphoto © 2000-2008 Karl Dolenc All Rights Reserved

Art Direction and Graphic Design by
Jay Nungesser

Audio Recording Consultant
Craig Robinson

A & R Coordinator:
Chad Canadey

Additional Authors of Inspiration
Phillip L. Berman, Bruce Goldberg, MD, Bruce Joel Ruben, Shonda Rhimes, Fred Allen Wolf, Ph. D., and Gary Zukav

Associate Producers:
Barbara Ann Green and Michael Kintz

Composed, Orchestrated, Performed, Engineered and Produced by
Casey Winn

Music Published and Distributed by New York, NY