The Least of My Brothers

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Track Listing

  1. Murder Scene and Main Title
  2. A History of Violence
  3. Bill Simpson and Landlady
  4. Clarksville
  5. Murder Investigations
  6. Lucille Young
  7. Vidor, Texas Today
  8. Final Murder Investigations

Composer's Notes

In the summer of 2006 Matt Kordelski and I met via “Craiglist” both looking for a collaborative project of composer and filmmaker. Matt introduced me to his movie The Least of My Brothers, a project he labored on for well over 10 years! I myself only composed and produced the original score in mere 3 weeks! I immediately was touched by the subject matter when I was given a copy of the movie. This was the first documentary I scored and it was indeed a challenge. Firstly, like most documentaries, it contained heavy dialogue. This can be a delicate matter when scoring because the music can't get in the way of the film. Like most film scoring material the music has to underline the characters in the movie. Furthermore, music had to be scored throughout most of the movie, 40 plus minuets. The total running time of the movie is a little over 60 minuets.

It was a great privilege to work with Matt on this project. He allowed me to use my own creativity throughout the project.

January 26th, 2007

Production Credits

United Media Productions, Ltd.
A Vidor-Kordelski Production
The Least of My Brothers
Original Documentary Soundtrack

A Movie by Mathew Kordelski

Recorded at U.M.P. Studios, September, 2006, Austin, Texas, USA

Digital Equipment by Sony

A & R Coordinator:
Chad Canadey

Front Cover Illustration and Graphic Design by
Mathew Kordelski

Music Composed, Orchestrated, Performed and Produced by
Casey Winn